Grandparents-why we do what we do.

It’s my youngest granddaughter’s 5th Birthday tomorrow and she asked me if I would get her a birthday cake that she had seen in a supermarket (Asda).

She said “nanny it’s a Jurassic World T-Rex cake but it’s brown and my favourite colour is blue”.


As any grandparent will know, there’s something that just tugs at your heartstrings when your grandchild just shows the slightest signs of being sad.

As I stood in my kitchen about to take on the task of turning the dinosaur blue, I was wondering what it is that makes some, probably most, of us grandparents take these measures for our grandchildren, that we possibly wouldn’t have done for our own children. I think for me, it’s about having more energy and time……after all, we can give our Grandchildren back when we are tired haha.


There’s also the very special grandparent bond.

When your own children are small you have a job to do. It’s about guiding them to become adults with sound morals, providing food, clothing, shelter, education as well as having fun and making memories.

As a grandparent, you trust that you have taught your own child well and they are able to take care of the above duties with your continued support where necessary. This leaves you with more time to dedicate your whole day to your grandchildren and not worry about housework or other duties until they go home.

When I think of my own grandparents I remember them with such fondness and love. Learning to cook, bake, knit, in fact all the things my own parents didn’t always have time to teach me, because lets face it, life is always so busy as a parent.

This is why grandparents were invented!

All three of my grandaughters are always saying things like “you are my best friend” “I love you nanny” “nanny you always let us paint and get messy and we love it” awwwwwww it melts my heart! There’s nothing in the world that feels like this.

So now the dinosaur is blue.


My duty as a nanny is done for today!

Marsh Farm……a great day out with my Grandchildren.


This school holiday theme at Marsh Farm is Fairies and Dragons (with Knights too of course). A role for each of my 3 Grandchildren…..perfect!!

When my own children were young, Marsh Farm was mainly animals with a few crafts added in (for an extra fee). It was one of our go to places so we knew it well. It didn’t change much over that time.

Now I’m a Grandparent and there has been a huge change at Marsh Farm. It’s now much more entertaining for the children. A great mix of animals and shows, and the staff are fantastic!!

You need to have children with you in order to gain entry now but you can always borrow one from a neighbour (with permission of course lol).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere’s usually a themed treasure hunt where you your children can hunt for clues around the farm. They can hand their answers in at the end for a small prize so the girls get very excited about doing it.

We had a really fun day. We learnt to dance at fairy school and met a real life knight and dragon!

My eldest granddaughter has shown an interest in photography in the past so I decided to let her use my camera to take “some” photographs. She took over 300!!

Here are a few of our day that she took:

I think she did really well for a beginner! I’m very proud of her. Here she is breathing her fire.

My middle Granddaughter was picked to go onto the stage for the magic show and she loved every minute of it.

We had such a fun day as you can see here.


If you are in the South Woodham Ferrers area I would definitely recommend a visit to Marsh Farm! There is plenty to do even on rainy days.

We coloured Fairy crowns and Knights shields. We played in the barn and had a very reasonably priced lunch there too!

We bounced, ran, climbed, played mini golf, found treasure in the sand, rode a carousel, stroked some goats and horses and all included in the entry fee! A great value day out!