#AD Oral care after transplant with Listerine Nightly Reset

Recently, I visited the dentist. I had a toothache and had to act quickly in case it led to an infection. An infection of any kind could bring up my body’s defence system enough for Morgan, (my transplanted kidney), to be discovered and rejected. It’s so scary!! I can’t even begin to imagine my life back on dialysis. It’s something I think about every day, especially when someone sneezes near me!! (I mean, how dare anyone have germs!! haha).

Sadly, I needed a filling. I am one of those people who hate sitting in the dentist chair at the best of times but especially for a procedure!! eeeek! I was all teary eyed and the dental nurse handed me a tissue whilst I plucked up the courage to explain my fear (embarrassing!). It was fine, but even so, I still don’t want to go again until it’s check-up time!

While I was there, it was explained to me that any tooth extractions would now need to be done at the hospital as my immunosuppressant medication has to be taken into consideration. I had my teeth cleaned and was advised on better oral care.


Soon after my dentist visit, I was asked if I’d like to try Listerine® Nightly Reset I absolutely jumped at the chance.

Listerine® Nightly Reset formula boasts a high level of fluoride, which remineralizes enamel to strengthen teeth. The flavour is called Midnight Mint and states on the labelling “milder taste” which left my mouth feeling fresh and minty. It has such a lovely calming colour and it looks great in our bathroom.

It sounds so dramatic if I talk of life-saving products, but as any transplant patient will tell you, any bout of illness or infection can make your new organ fail. It’s so important for us to take extra care as gum disease can lead to cardiovascular disease, strokes and diabetes and these are all things that could make a second transplant difficult and maybe even impossible.


I’m so happy to have found Listerine® Nightly Reset as I now have a new, twice daily, oral care routine that will help me with reducing the accumulation of germs, plaque build-up and acid production caused by food and drink.

Quite often I sit and think about what my life used to look like before I became ill. Wouldn’t it be great if we could reset our lives somehow too?



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Listerine & Mumsnet.


Marsh Farm……a great day out with my Grandchildren.


This school holiday theme at Marsh Farm is Fairies and Dragons (with Knights too of course). A role for each of my 3 Grandchildren…..perfect!!

When my own children were young, Marsh Farm was mainly animals with a few crafts added in (for an extra fee). It was one of our go to places so we knew it well. It didn’t change much over that time.

Now I’m a Grandparent and there has been a huge change at Marsh Farm. It’s now much more entertaining for the children. A great mix of animals and shows, and the staff are fantastic!!

You need to have children with you in order to gain entry now but you can always borrow one from a neighbour (with permission of course lol).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere’s usually a themed treasure hunt where you your children can hunt for clues around the farm. They can hand their answers in at the end for a small prize so the girls get very excited about doing it.

We had a really fun day. We learnt to dance at fairy school and met a real life knight and dragon!

My eldest granddaughter has shown an interest in photography in the past so I decided to let her use my camera to take “some” photographs. She took over 300!!

Here are a few of our day that she took:

I think she did really well for a beginner! I’m very proud of her. Here she is breathing her fire.

My middle Granddaughter was picked to go onto the stage for the magic show and she loved every minute of it.

We had such a fun day as you can see here.


If you are in the South Woodham Ferrers area I would definitely recommend a visit to Marsh Farm! There is plenty to do even on rainy days.

We coloured Fairy crowns and Knights shields. We played in the barn and had a very reasonably priced lunch there too!

We bounced, ran, climbed, played mini golf, found treasure in the sand, rode a carousel, stroked some goats and horses and all included in the entry fee! A great value day out!


Knitting for comfort

After Darrens surgery he was very sleepy so I sat with him until 9pm (which was the latest I was allowed to stay). The temperature was -1 outside so I didn’t want to drive much later than that in any case. He didn’t want to talk, obviously, but he wanted the comfort of knowing I was there. I’m the same in hospital, I can’t sleep with all the lights and noise but as soon as a visitor arrives you feel so comforted that you could easily fall asleep.

I decided that now was a good time to get my knitting out. I had bought a knitting kit from Amazon Prime as I left it last-minute before deciding it was a good idea to take. I usually get a great urge for knitting but then take a year or more to finish a project so I wanted something quick and easy. I chose the Urchin Spiral Hat from The Knit Kit Company. It came in a zipped bag with everything I needed to complete the project. It was a little expensive seeing as I already had the knitting needles and tapestry needle but it’s aimed at beginners so it would be perfect for someone starting out. When it arrived all I needed to do was take it with me, it was so easy. I love the packaging and it also came with instructions on how to knit! Fantastic for a present! I must look at their website to see if there is anything suitable to teach my Grandchildren to knit something!


I’m the sort of person who has to follow instructions to the letter so I was happy that the pattern was so easy and precise. It took me through the rows step by step and didn’t do what a lot of patterns do and say “continuing in the pattern please decrease……” as if I know the pattern! I was tired and didn’t have the concentration to do anything except a simple, easy to follow pattern so this hat was perfect! The end result was as expected……a hat lol.


I’m not the best knitter in the world but I really enjoyed making this. I loved the bamboo needles too, they were new to me. I would recommend this project for a beginner or as a present for sure.

img-3941 (2)

Let’s talk about testicles…….let’s talk about testicular cancer….

When I said that life isn’t easy and takes unexpected turns I wasn’t expecting what was to come next! My Husband, Darren, has always been the healthy one. I think the only thing he has medically had since I met him, (apart from the terrible thing that men call man flu), has been a hydrocelle in his testicle. He was diagnosed just before my transplant and so the transplant work up was put on hold for 3 months whilst he recovered.

Men don’t tend to talk about their personal problems as openly as women do but after his operation it was surprising how many of his friends admitted to having the same problem. If you’ve ever been in a room where women are discussing child birth you’ll know that most of us women have a no holds barred approach to discussing our bodies!!

Last year Darren’s testicle started swelling again. Thinking it was his hydrocelle reoccurring, (something he was told could happen), he decided to wait a while before going to his GP. I think it was just trepidation about having another surgery so soon after having major surgery.

So a few weeks ago he decided to get checked out. He has private medical insurance through work so he was referred to a specialist very quickly. A scan was done and we went for the results last week. To our shock we were told that the scan showed abnormalities and the testicle would need removal. An appointment for surgery was set for next week. We sat there in absolute shock as you can imagine.

We were asked “any questions?”. Well what can you think of when you are just expecting something pretty routine and suddenly parts of your body will be taken away and you could have cancer?!!!

On Saturday Darren had a blood test to check for cancer markers and today we are sat in a waiting room with a jug of aniseed flavoured liquid to be drunk within the hour. A CT scan will be done in an hours time. This is to cover head to tail to check if anything has spread.

All the results will be given to us in 2 days time. That feels like a lifetime away right now!

We hope and pray that these results are all ok but even that isn’t the end…..the testicle will be sent off for testing and depending on those results he still may need radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

To be honest we are both positive people and are expecting the best results. This is life! We all face the unexpected from one day to the next but it’s our attitude towards life’s journey that defines us.

Roll on Thursday! We can do this thing!!


Life is ever changing…….

Do you ever say “this isn’t how I expected my life to be?” I have said that so many times! When we are children we have such an idyllic outlook on life but it isn’t that simple. Life is full of complications.

I have had so many twists and turns in my life but, most recently, it was Morgan who dramatically changed my life. He is my third kidney; the result of my kidney transplant on Valentines day 2017 (Morgan the organ….get it?). I am still getting over the effects of my transplant and will be including those in my blog.

I have decided to journal my life as it takes these unexpected changes that we all experience in this journey called life.

Coming up I will be covering most aspects of my life including; slimming, crafting, ballet, theatre, walking, food, restaurants, pets, being a Grandparent, gardening, gigs, Asperger’s syndrome and my life in general.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Wal

Photo taken by myself. The view from Symonds Yat.