Grandparents-why we do what we do.

It’s my youngest granddaughter’s 5th Birthday tomorrow and she asked me if I would get her a birthday cake that she had seen in a supermarket (Asda).

She said “nanny it’s a Jurassic World T-Rex cake but it’s brown and my favourite colour is blue”.


As any grandparent will know, there’s something that just tugs at your heartstrings when your grandchild just shows the slightest signs of being sad.

As I stood in my kitchen about to take on the task of turning the dinosaur blue, I was wondering what it is that makes some, probably most, of us grandparents take these measures for our grandchildren, that we possibly wouldn’t have done for our own children. I think for me, it’s about having more energy and time……after all, we can give our Grandchildren back when we are tired haha.


There’s also the very special grandparent bond.

When your own children are small you have a job to do. It’s about guiding them to become adults with sound morals, providing food, clothing, shelter, education as well as having fun and making memories.

As a grandparent, you trust that you have taught your own child well and they are able to take care of the above duties with your continued support where necessary. This leaves you with more time to dedicate your whole day to your grandchildren and not worry about housework or other duties until they go home.

When I think of my own grandparents I remember them with such fondness and love. Learning to cook, bake, knit, in fact all the things my own parents didn’t always have time to teach me, because lets face it, life is always so busy as a parent.

This is why grandparents were invented!

All three of my grandaughters are always saying things like “you are my best friend” “I love you nanny” “nanny you always let us paint and get messy and we love it” awwwwwww it melts my heart! There’s nothing in the world that feels like this.

So now the dinosaur is blue.


My duty as a nanny is done for today!

#AD Oral care after transplant with Listerine Nightly Reset

Recently, I visited the dentist. I had a toothache and had to act quickly in case it led to an infection. An infection of any kind could bring up my body’s defence system enough for Morgan, (my transplanted kidney), to be discovered and rejected. It’s so scary!! I can’t even begin to imagine my life back on dialysis. It’s something I think about every day, especially when someone sneezes near me!! (I mean, how dare anyone have germs!! haha).

Sadly, I needed a filling. I am one of those people who hate sitting in the dentist chair at the best of times but especially for a procedure!! eeeek! I was all teary eyed and the dental nurse handed me a tissue whilst I plucked up the courage to explain my fear (embarrassing!). It was fine, but even so, I still don’t want to go again until it’s check-up time!

While I was there, it was explained to me that any tooth extractions would now need to be done at the hospital as my immunosuppressant medication has to be taken into consideration. I had my teeth cleaned and was advised on better oral care.


Soon after my dentist visit, I was asked if I’d like to try Listerine® Nightly Reset I absolutely jumped at the chance.

Listerine® Nightly Reset formula boasts a high level of fluoride, which remineralizes enamel to strengthen teeth. The flavour is called Midnight Mint and states on the labelling “milder taste” which left my mouth feeling fresh and minty. It has such a lovely calming colour and it looks great in our bathroom.

It sounds so dramatic if I talk of life-saving products, but as any transplant patient will tell you, any bout of illness or infection can make your new organ fail. It’s so important for us to take extra care as gum disease can lead to cardiovascular disease, strokes and diabetes and these are all things that could make a second transplant difficult and maybe even impossible.


I’m so happy to have found Listerine® Nightly Reset as I now have a new, twice daily, oral care routine that will help me with reducing the accumulation of germs, plaque build-up and acid production caused by food and drink.

Quite often I sit and think about what my life used to look like before I became ill. Wouldn’t it be great if we could reset our lives somehow too?



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Listerine & Mumsnet.


Marsh Farm……a great day out with my Grandchildren.


This school holiday theme at Marsh Farm is Fairies and Dragons (with Knights too of course). A role for each of my 3 Grandchildren…..perfect!!

When my own children were young, Marsh Farm was mainly animals with a few crafts added in (for an extra fee). It was one of our go to places so we knew it well. It didn’t change much over that time.

Now I’m a Grandparent and there has been a huge change at Marsh Farm. It’s now much more entertaining for the children. A great mix of animals and shows, and the staff are fantastic!!

You need to have children with you in order to gain entry now but you can always borrow one from a neighbour (with permission of course lol).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere’s usually a themed treasure hunt where you your children can hunt for clues around the farm. They can hand their answers in at the end for a small prize so the girls get very excited about doing it.

We had a really fun day. We learnt to dance at fairy school and met a real life knight and dragon!

My eldest granddaughter has shown an interest in photography in the past so I decided to let her use my camera to take “some” photographs. She took over 300!!

Here are a few of our day that she took:

I think she did really well for a beginner! I’m very proud of her. Here she is breathing her fire.

My middle Granddaughter was picked to go onto the stage for the magic show and she loved every minute of it.

We had such a fun day as you can see here.


If you are in the South Woodham Ferrers area I would definitely recommend a visit to Marsh Farm! There is plenty to do even on rainy days.

We coloured Fairy crowns and Knights shields. We played in the barn and had a very reasonably priced lunch there too!

We bounced, ran, climbed, played mini golf, found treasure in the sand, rode a carousel, stroked some goats and horses and all included in the entry fee! A great value day out!


A superb Valentine’s Day meal-Midsummer House.

So, as if he hasn’t done enough by saving my life, Darren treated me to a Valentines Day meal at Midsummer House!


IMG-4106Midsummer House is a beautiful Victorian villa. It looked so inviting as we approached and I felt so excited!

Our hotel was walking distance so we had a really lovely walk on Midsummer Common along the banks of the River Cam . We felt very safe, but it did get a little dark in places, as you can see from this photograph.

We are used to fine dining, and have been lucky enough to have had our photograph taken with a few celebrity chefs, so we were slightly disappointed to find that Daniel Clifford was not at the restaurant. We didn’t really expect him to be there but it would have been nice to add him to our collection lol. My favourite photo has to be of me with the legendary Ken Hom!! but we have also had our photograph taken at Le Gavroch with Michel Roux Jr (what a lovely guy!) and taken a cooking class with Cyrus Todiwala (what a wealth of knowledge that guy has!) and also with Ching He Huang (a beautiful person inside and out).

Anyway, I’m diverting!

The house was so warm and cosy. Lovely after a chilly walk. The tables looked great with lovely white, crisp, linen tablecloths.

There are 2 Tasting Menus (one being Vegetarian), which I think is a great idea. I usually have difficulty knowing what to choose if I’m left to my own devices. The menus are changed regularly.

Before our menu started, some delicious food started appearing at our table. It set the scene to what was to become a wonderful evening.


With our menu came a journey into the world of wines. We chose a flight to give us variety to accompany our food. A flight is a smaller glass of wine, 100ml in this case, and we enjoyed hearing the history surrounding each glass that we had. We were transported back in time, hearing about how the grapes were grown and chosen, and by whom.


IMG-4117We started our tasting menu with “Mushrooms, coffee, tarragon and cep foam.”

It was absolutely delicious! It was layered and had different textures; a foam, a mousse, a gel and a cream.

I adore mushrooms!


Next was “Salad of new season onions, pear, elderberry  and onion sorbet.”

I’ve never seen onions look so beautiful! Look how pretty this plate is! This had to be my favourite dish in terms of looks.

The onion sorbet was really unusual and lovely. I’ve only ever had fruit sorbet before.


Midsummer House has a signature dish which has never been off their menu;

“Seared sea scallop, Granny Smith apple,celeriac & truffle puree”

Again beautifully presented and absolutely divine to eat.



“Crispy suckling pig belly, glazed cheek, carrot and ginger.”

Sweet from the carrot, crispy from the pig belly and soft from the melt in the mouth cheek. This was a gorgeous plate of food in more ways than one.


Next was one of my favourites; IMG-4130

“Roasted monkfish, Cornish crab, cauliflower yuzu puree, preserved lemon.”

It was topped with kale which added colour to the dish.

By now I’m wondering just how many varieties of plate are in the kitchen! I would have loved to have had a tour.
IMG-4131“Anjou pigeon, Hoisin leg, salad of salt baked beetroot, walnut and blue cheese” was beautifully presented.

At home I don’t eat beetroot even though we grow it. I’m never too keen on the earthy taste but I needn’t have worried as this dish was delicious.

This dish was my favourite.

Now we were on desserts and next was a shot of “Pousse cafe.” I didn’t take a photograph of this one as we were asked if we wanted to guess what was in it. I got a little too excited with that and got right into it!! I’m not sure if I’m remembering all the ingredients but it was lovely and sweet and definitely different, consisting of  Maple syrup, Jack Daniels foam, chives, black pepper and maybe some ingredients I’m not remembering!

Next came some magic!! Who doesn’t like to watch something made at the table? This was called “Lemon posset, olive oil cake, mint, black olive tuile.” It transformed the plate we had in front of us by giving it a unique topping. All the flavours are hitting my taste buds as I type!


This would have been a good finale to our meal but there was more! Look at the next dish! Looking at the two photographs I think I should have taken them both at the same distance but as this is my own review I guess I will learn for the future!

This dessert is “Coriander white chocolate dome, coconut and mango, Jasmine rice.” It was beautiful to look at and eat and was a great palate cleanser to finish the meal.

But it wasn’t the end!! We had doughnuts!! Now who doesn’t like doughnuts!!


Darren had his full anaesthetic and operation the evening before our meal and I could see he was tiring and a little uncomfortable by this stage of the evening so we decided not to have a cheese course.

I’m sure the cheese board would have looked so inviting but there was a chocolate display!!! What a choice we had!!


We had an amazing time at Midsummer House. I had booked a table for Darren’s birthday in 2015 but unfortunately had complications with my kidney disease and was hospitalised for 2 weeks. My consultant was working towards getting me out of hospital in time but it wasn’t to be. He had high hopes right up until the morning before but I was just too ill. I have a lovely (!) photo of how I was but this blog post of such prettiness isn’t the place for it. It turned out to be anaphylaxis due to a medication I was on but it wasn’t easily diagnosed as it was such an unusual thing to be allergic to!

With Darren having his operation just the evening before, we were cutting it very fine this time too!

For those who love fine dining this restaurant is definitely a place to visit and Cambridge is a great town with so many things to do.

I must add that I don’t agree with phones at the table and my phone was only whipped out for 2 seconds to take a photograph and then placed back on the stool next to me.

We had a wonderful stay and one of our best Valentine’s Days together. It’s high up there with the kidney transplant of 2017 in any case lol. I count my blessings that I am finally off a renal diet (or this meal would have been impossible) and am living life to the full again thanks to Darren giving me his kidney, Morgan.

I’ll drink to that!! Cheers!!!


Valentines Day…….the perfect gift……life!


This was the Kidney Care UK tweet February 2017.

It was such an exciting, nerve-racking, and for me, a very guilt ridden time. I was worried something would go wrong for Darren.

My wonderful husband had married me when I was a very healthy, young (!) woman. I was now extremely sick and on dialysis and in need of a transplant. He offered to donate to me.

I feel I need to explain that my Mum also had kidney disease and Darren had never known her to be healthy. I literally met him as my Mum started dialysis. He saw where this disease can take a person.

He adores me. It’s more adoration than I’ve ever known and far more than I feel I deserve that’s for sure! I love him too of course lol.

So 2 years ago, on Valentines Day, we went down to surgery and Darren saved my life. He always tells people it was cheaper than roses lol

This Valentines Day we will be celebrating at Midsummer House for a wonderful meal. We had booked once for 2015 but I was ill in hospital and wasn’t allowed to leave. With Darren having further surgery at 4pm yesterday we were cutting a bit fine this year too!! but we are both survivers with a strong and positive attitude and so today we are off to Cambridge. I’m so looking forward to it. This year hasn’t started off the best but having a transplant 2 years ago changed my life for the better overnight and for that I can never thank my Husband enough. I treasure Morgan, my third kidney, he has enabled me to start living without my body being toxic all the time!

I hope everyone enjoys their day and remember, you don’t have to be in a relationship to give yourself love on Valentines Day! You are amazing…..always remember that!!



I will be doing plenty of blogging about kidney disease, kidney diets, AV Fistulas, dialysis and transplant so please comment if you have a specific question or subject you would like me to cover.

Testicular Cancer-diagnosis day


When you marry your partner you usually vow to look after them in sickness and in health, but you never really think about what that might mean (unless they are already ill). You are just full of love and hope and look forward to a long and happy life together.

I never expected to become so sick that I had to take one of my husbands kidneys from him! He’s always been the strong one so I never expected him to be ill either.


These recent events have been very stressful and exhausting for both of us (exhausting for me mainly due to the fact that my husband has needed to sleep on his back and seems to be going for gold in the snoring category!!).

Suddenly we had been thrown into a world we couldn’t control, and reliant on people we didn’t know and a testicular tumour that even the experts didn’t recognise. We have also been blessed with wonderful friends who have checked up on us both and prayed for us each day. You certainly know who your friends are when something like this happens!

Last night we went to see the consultant for the final diagnosis. I’m relieved to say that nothing sinister was found. We had obviously hoped for this result and we can finally breath! We still have a way to go as Darren still has an open wound from the emergency surgery. We are going back to the hospital daily for the packing material (seaweed would you believe?!!) and dressing to be changed. The wound is deep and the consultant has suggested that he stitches it up next week. It will mean another anaesthetic (more worry) but it will heal a lot more quickly than leaving it to heal upwards.


So, this “young” couple, pictured here years ago, full of dreams and hopes can stop worrying for a while……..about cancer at least.

If anyone feels a lump or feels unwell we both urge you to get checked out without delay.


Testicular cancer-update……things took an unexpected turn! (as life does……)

Darren had his first check up on Monday. He was feeling extremely tired and looked very pale. His check up went well and all looked good. He mentioned that he felt uncomfortable and had some pain and was given a prescription for antibiotics to take only if he had a raised temperature.

Over the next few days he felt worse and we rang for some advise. His temperature was normal and the wound clean so we were told the tiredness and some pain was to be expected and not to worry. I even bought a new thermometer in case our thermometer wasn’t working but it was all normal. We thought he looked worse than he should have but equally we thought it was normal to be like it.

Yesterday, Darren was shivering uncontrollably and was in a whole heap of pain. He became really emotional and unable to cope with himself. I rang his hospital ward and they suggested I took him to our GP. Luckily they gave us an appointment for that morning. The GP could feel a swelling under the wound in his groin so he sent us back to the hospital.

After a CT scan, blood tests etc it was discovered that he had a bad infection there and needed immediate surgery. It all happened so quickly. His temperature shot up to 39.5° C and the surgical team were called. Literally within the hour he was signing consent forms and being whisked away to theatre.

IMG-4014As I looked down the long corridor I had the immediate thought that my whole life was being whisked away from me in such a sudden and unexpected way. Darren was suddenly so poorly, and there was a mention of sepsis, and the fact that he may be transferred to a different hospital after the operation if he went more downhill. It was all very frightening. The picture here summed up exactly how I was feeling right at that moment and I felt compelled to take it. It wasn’t intentional that I was behind him at that moment. We had said goodbye in his room. It had been a long, worrying, day and I just needed to distract myself by going for a walk and grabbing a sandwich to eat while I waited for news (as I was feeling a bit unwell myself from not eating since the morning). It was 6.30pm by then.

He was about to turn the corner and disappear from my life……and I knew that if it turned out to be sepsis it could potentially be very serious indeed. The walls felt like they were closing in and it all begun to hit me.

The surgeon came to see me and told me that the infection was very bad but they had flushed it all out and now he had an open wound, which would take a few weeks to heal upwards. It will need to be redressed every day and at the moment he is on IV antibiotics. He can possibly go home tomorrow if all is ok.

He looked so much brighter immediately after his surgery and today he looks better still.


I have my crazy man back!!

We are still awaiting his results from his removed testicle. Our appointment for that is on 7th. No other dramas can happen now so we are still expecting the best results! x