#AD Oral care after transplant with Listerine Nightly Reset

Recently, I visited the dentist. I had a toothache and had to act quickly in case it led to an infection. An infection of any kind could bring up my body’s defence system enough for Morgan, (my transplanted kidney), to be discovered and rejected. It’s so scary!! I can’t even begin to imagine my life back on dialysis. It’s something I think about every day, especially when someone sneezes near me!! (I mean, how dare anyone have germs!! haha).

Sadly, I needed a filling. I am one of those people who hate sitting in the dentist chair at the best of times but especially for a procedure!! eeeek! I was all teary eyed and the dental nurse handed me a tissue whilst I plucked up the courage to explain my fear (embarrassing!). It was fine, but even so, I still don’t want to go again until it’s check-up time!

While I was there, it was explained to me that any tooth extractions would now need to be done at the hospital as my immunosuppressant medication has to be taken into consideration. I had my teeth cleaned and was advised on better oral care.


Soon after my dentist visit, I was asked if I’d like to try Listerine® Nightly Reset I absolutely jumped at the chance.

Listerine® Nightly Reset formula boasts a high level of fluoride, which remineralizes enamel to strengthen teeth. The flavour is called Midnight Mint and states on the labelling “milder taste” which left my mouth feeling fresh and minty. It has such a lovely calming colour and it looks great in our bathroom.

It sounds so dramatic if I talk of life-saving products, but as any transplant patient will tell you, any bout of illness or infection can make your new organ fail. It’s so important for us to take extra care as gum disease can lead to cardiovascular disease, strokes and diabetes and these are all things that could make a second transplant difficult and maybe even impossible.


I’m so happy to have found Listerine® Nightly Reset as I now have a new, twice daily, oral care routine that will help me with reducing the accumulation of germs, plaque build-up and acid production caused by food and drink.

Quite often I sit and think about what my life used to look like before I became ill. Wouldn’t it be great if we could reset our lives somehow too?



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Listerine & Mumsnet.


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