Valentines Day…….the perfect gift……life!


This was the Kidney Care UK tweet February 2017.

It was such an exciting, nerve-racking, and for me, a very guilt ridden time. I was worried something would go wrong for Darren.

My wonderful husband had married me when I was a very healthy, young (!) woman. I was now extremely sick and on dialysis and in need of a transplant. He offered to donate to me.

I feel I need to explain that my Mum also had kidney disease and Darren had never known her to be healthy. I literally met him as my Mum started dialysis. He saw where this disease can take a person.

He adores me. It’s more adoration than I’ve ever known and far more than I feel I deserve that’s for sure! I love him too of course lol.

So 2 years ago, on Valentines Day, we went down to surgery and Darren saved my life. He always tells people it was cheaper than roses lol

This Valentines Day we will be celebrating at Midsummer House for a wonderful meal. We had booked once for 2015 but I was ill in hospital and wasn’t allowed to leave. With Darren having further surgery at 4pm yesterday we were cutting a bit fine this year too!! but we are both survivers with a strong and positive attitude and so today we are off to Cambridge. I’m so looking forward to it. This year hasn’t started off the best but having a transplant 2 years ago changed my life for the better overnight and for that I can never thank my Husband enough. I treasure Morgan, my third kidney, he has enabled me to start living without my body being toxic all the time!

I hope everyone enjoys their day and remember, you don’t have to be in a relationship to give yourself love on Valentines Day! You are amazing…..always remember that!!



I will be doing plenty of blogging about kidney disease, kidney diets, AV Fistulas, dialysis and transplant so please comment if you have a specific question or subject you would like me to cover.

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