Testicular Cancer-diagnosis day


When you marry your partner you usually vow to look after them in sickness and in health, but you never really think about what that might mean (unless they are already ill). You are just full of love and hope and look forward to a long and happy life together.

I never expected to become so sick that I had to take one of my husbands kidneys from him! He’s always been the strong one so I never expected him to be ill either.


These recent events have been very stressful and exhausting for both of us (exhausting for me mainly due to the fact that my husband has needed to sleep on his back and seems to be going for gold in the snoring category!!).

Suddenly we had been thrown into a world we couldn’t control, and reliant on people we didn’t know and a testicular tumour that even the experts didn’t recognise. We have also been blessed with wonderful friends who have checked up on us both and prayed for us each day. You certainly know who your friends are when something like this happens!

Last night we went to see the consultant for the final diagnosis. I’m relieved to say that nothing sinister was found. We had obviously hoped for this result and we can finally breath! We still have a way to go as Darren still has an open wound from the emergency surgery. We are going back to the hospital daily for the packing material (seaweed would you believe?!!) and dressing to be changed. The wound is deep and the consultant has suggested that he stitches it up next week. It will mean another anaesthetic (more worry) but it will heal a lot more quickly than leaving it to heal upwards.


So, this “young” couple, pictured here years ago, full of dreams and hopes can stop worrying for a while……..about cancer at least.

If anyone feels a lump or feels unwell we both urge you to get checked out without delay.


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