Testicular cancer-update……things took an unexpected turn! (as life does……)

Darren had his first check up on Monday. He was feeling extremely tired and looked very pale. His check up went well and all looked good. He mentioned that he felt uncomfortable and had some pain and was given a prescription for antibiotics to take only if he had a raised temperature.

Over the next few days he felt worse and we rang for some advise. His temperature was normal and the wound clean so we were told the tiredness and some pain was to be expected and not to worry. I even bought a new thermometer in case our thermometer wasn’t working but it was all normal. We thought he looked worse than he should have but equally we thought it was normal to be like it.

Yesterday, Darren was shivering uncontrollably and was in a whole heap of pain. He became really emotional and unable to cope with himself. I rang his hospital ward and they suggested I took him to our GP. Luckily they gave us an appointment for that morning. The GP could feel a swelling under the wound in his groin so he sent us back to the hospital.

After a CT scan, blood tests etc it was discovered that he had a bad infection there and needed immediate surgery. It all happened so quickly. His temperature shot up to 39.5° C and the surgical team were called. Literally within the hour he was signing consent forms and being whisked away to theatre.

IMG-4014As I looked down the long corridor I had the immediate thought that my whole life was being whisked away from me in such a sudden and unexpected way. Darren was suddenly so poorly, and there was a mention of sepsis, and the fact that he may be transferred to a different hospital after the operation if he went more downhill. It was all very frightening. The picture here summed up exactly how I was feeling right at that moment and I felt compelled to take it. It wasn’t intentional that I was behind him at that moment. We had said goodbye in his room. It had been a long, worrying, day and I just needed to distract myself by going for a walk and grabbing a sandwich to eat while I waited for news (as I was feeling a bit unwell myself from not eating since the morning). It was 6.30pm by then.

He was about to turn the corner and disappear from my life……and I knew that if it turned out to be sepsis it could potentially be very serious indeed. The walls felt like they were closing in and it all begun to hit me.

The surgeon came to see me and told me that the infection was very bad but they had flushed it all out and now he had an open wound, which would take a few weeks to heal upwards. It will need to be redressed every day and at the moment he is on IV antibiotics. He can possibly go home tomorrow if all is ok.

He looked so much brighter immediately after his surgery and today he looks better still.


I have my crazy man back!!

We are still awaiting his results from his removed testicle. Our appointment for that is on 7th. No other dramas can happen now so we are still expecting the best results! x


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