Knitting for comfort

After Darrens surgery he was very sleepy so I sat with him until 9pm (which was the latest I was allowed to stay). The temperature was -1 outside so I didn’t want to drive much later than that in any case. He didn’t want to talk, obviously, but he wanted the comfort of knowing I was there. I’m the same in hospital, I can’t sleep with all the lights and noise but as soon as a visitor arrives you feel so comforted that you could easily fall asleep.

I decided that now was a good time to get my knitting out. I had bought a knitting kit from Amazon Prime as I left it last-minute before deciding it was a good idea to take. I usually get a great urge for knitting but then take a year or more to finish a project so I wanted something quick and easy. I chose the Urchin Spiral Hat from The Knit Kit Company. It came in a zipped bag with everything I needed to complete the project. It was a little expensive seeing as I already had the knitting needles and tapestry needle but it’s aimed at beginners so it would be perfect for someone starting out. When it arrived all I needed to do was take it with me, it was so easy. I love the packaging and it also came with instructions on how to knit! Fantastic for a present! I must look at their website to see if there is anything suitable to teach my Grandchildren to knit something!


I’m the sort of person who has to follow instructions to the letter so I was happy that the pattern was so easy and precise. It took me through the rows step by step and didn’t do what a lot of patterns do and say “continuing in the pattern please decrease……” as if I know the pattern! I was tired and didn’t have the concentration to do anything except a simple, easy to follow pattern so this hat was perfect! The end result was as expected……a hat lol.


I’m not the best knitter in the world but I really enjoyed making this. I loved the bamboo needles too, they were new to me. I would recommend this project for a beginner or as a present for sure.

img-3941 (2)

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