Bunk beds-finding a strong one at a good price

We have 3 Granddaughters. They used to sleep in our little box room when they came to stay. We used a bunk bed and a small trundle-bed but that left no room at all for anything else. We used our conservatory for their toys and I read their bedtime stories perched on the edge of the trundle-bed.

Recently I turned the box room into my office and have transformed a bigger room into their sleeping and play room. I have now freed up the conservatory for our craft room so it’s win win!

The bunk bed has never felt completely safe to me. Instead of screwing the slats into the bed supports they were balanced into plastic ends. We had adjusted the bed to make it safe but on transferring the bed to the next room it seemed unsafe again and when we pulled on the side the slats just popped out! I decided to burn it! I’m extremely safety conscious when it comes to anything so it just wasn’t worth the risk to me. The next time the girls came to stay we all slept on mattresses in the lounge and watched films and ate snacks. The girls loved it! It took me a long time and a lot of research to find the perfect bunk bed. I didn’t want to waste our money on another bed that didn’t feel safe.

In the end I decided on a triple bunk bed to save room. I chose the Triad 3ft Single 3 Tier Heavy Duty Solid Pine High Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed (gosh that’s a mouthful!). The bunk bed has been tested to take the weight of up to 18 stone (114kg) each bed!! This means that it’s safe for me to climb onto the top bunk to make the bed!! That’s got to be a huge plus haha!

photo taken by myself

My 87-year-old Dad helped me build the bed as we both work in the same way…..methodically!! We would drive Darren mad so it’s best we are left alone to work lol. I love spending time with my Dad. He was extremely ill last year (and isn’t fully recovered) and we thought we were going to lose him, so my time with him is very precious to me. I didn’t note the hours it took but we had no problem at all with it.
Photo taken by myself. A lovely strong base!

It’s lovely to work and chat and we had a wonderful time working on this project.

We agreed that this was such a strong bed. No wobble and it leaves a good gap for the girls to sleep comfortably (and safely). The girls are aged 4, nearly 6 and 10 so this bed is perfect.


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