Testicular cancer…..tests results day….

So yesterday we went back to see Darren’s consultant for the results of his blood tests and CT scan.

Thankfully the results were as we hoped….no cancer markers and no signs of any spread on the CT scan. In fact the only abnormalities shown were the tumor on his testicle and a space where Morgan used to be!

I must admit the consultant looked very perplexed as if he was hoping to see something. He said that it was unhelpful as he still doesn’t know what it is. It’s so abnormal that they will discuss at the regular consultant “meet ups” where they discuss their complex cases to see if anyone had any ideas. A picture sprung into my mind of a book club meeting but about testicles…….funny how the mind works sometimes!!

In any case it needs to be removed so next Wednesday is the day. It will be in the afternoon.

Of course the operation carries risks, as does any surgical procedure. He can expect anything as he has surgery there before so there may be adhesions and it may turn out to be a bigger operation than planned.

It’s best not to focus on what could go wrong or we’d never do anything in life. I like our optimistic view on life! It’s our positive approach on life that keeps us going no matter what life throws us.

I can stay with him and stay in his room while he has surgery. I might even knit a scarf while I wait…..isn’t that what people do?? What do you do??

Darren is different to me in the fact that he doesn’t like spending a night without me whereas I’m more like a “woohoo I can eat crisps in bed and make a mess” kind of girl!! So I will stay as late as I can so that he’s not alone and then pick him up and take him home the next day. I expect I’ll be home too late to want to eat crisps in bed though haha.

The next step is for it to be sent away for testing. We are hoping that’s the end of it.

Darren has the option of having a testicular prosthesis inserted. We have discussed this together and he has made a decision. Although I want my blog to be as open and honest as I can be, I don’t feel this is for me to discuss! It’s not necessary for people to know but if anyone is going through this and want help making a decision then there are plenty of discussions on the internet. It’s worth getting as much information as possible. Don’t be hasty either way or you could regret it later.

There are also other options like banking sperm. Again it’s an individual decision. I think that looking after our 3 young Grandchildren has made him realise that having more of his own is not something he wishes for haha!! (I let him make this decision with my blessing as we have to face facts that although I plan to live until 100 anything can make Morgan fail and I could be dead within a week…..not likely though!! Just being realistic). I think this has to be the mans decision and it’s of no relevance to the relationship as we never know how life will turn out from one day to the next.

So in 5 days time I will probably be a nervous wreck with no fingernails but for now I need to get ready for 3 beautiful monsters descending on our house for the weekend. Nothing more lovely for taking your mind off things than having Grandchildren staying for the weekend!!

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