Let’s talk about testicles…….let’s talk about testicular cancer….

When I said that life isn’t easy and takes unexpected turns I wasn’t expecting what was to come next! My Husband, Darren, has always been the healthy one. I think the only thing he has medically had since I met him, (apart from the terrible thing that men call man flu), has been a hydrocelle in his testicle. He was diagnosed just before my transplant and so the transplant work up was put on hold for 3 months whilst he recovered.

Men don’t tend to talk about their personal problems as openly as women do but after his operation it was surprising how many of his friends admitted to having the same problem. If you’ve ever been in a room where women are discussing child birth you’ll know that most of us women have a no holds barred approach to discussing our bodies!!

Last year Darren’s testicle started swelling again. Thinking it was his hydrocelle reoccurring, (something he was told could happen), he decided to wait a while before going to his GP. I think it was just trepidation about having another surgery so soon after having major surgery.

So a few weeks ago he decided to get checked out. He has private medical insurance through work so he was referred to a specialist very quickly. A scan was done and we went for the results last week. To our shock we were told that the scan showed abnormalities and the testicle would need removal. An appointment for surgery was set for next week. We sat there in absolute shock as you can imagine.

We were asked “any questions?”. Well what can you think of when you are just expecting something pretty routine and suddenly parts of your body will be taken away and you could have cancer?!!!

On Saturday Darren had a blood test to check for cancer markers and today we are sat in a waiting room with a jug of aniseed flavoured liquid to be drunk within the hour. A CT scan will be done in an hours time. This is to cover head to tail to check if anything has spread.

All the results will be given to us in 2 days time. That feels like a lifetime away right now!

We hope and pray that these results are all ok but even that isn’t the end…..the testicle will be sent off for testing and depending on those results he still may need radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

To be honest we are both positive people and are expecting the best results. This is life! We all face the unexpected from one day to the next but it’s our attitude towards life’s journey that defines us.

Roll on Thursday! We can do this thing!!

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